Acceptance tests ERL

In 2019-2020 Design Bureau of marine electronics "Vector "in the framework of the contract with JSC NPP AME for the implementation of the R & d project" Creation of two types of split-beam echo sounders", cipher" Processor-search-ERL " developed prototypes of scientific split-beam echo sounders of two types (ERL 1 and ERL 2). link   >>

In October 2020, prototypes of echo sounders passed state acceptance tests of the Ministry of industry and trade according to approved programs and methods. The tests were carried out on the basis of the southern Branch of Institute of Oceanology Russian Academy of Sciences, Golubaya Bay of the Black sea, Gelendzhik, on the boat "Parus". Specialists of "Vector" LLC, NPP "AME" JSC, Russian Federal Research Institute Of Fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO) and Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IO RAS) took part in the tests.

Подготовка ЭРЛ к приемосдаточным испытаниям

Preparing the ERL for acceptance testing


Подготовка забортного устройства ЭРЛ к спуску за борт

Preparing the ERL outboard device for going overboard


Приемка ЭРЛ комиссией Минпромторга

ERL acceptance by the Ministry of industry and trade Commission


На катере «Парус» проводились приемочные испытания эхолотов с расщепленным лучом

Acceptance tests of split-beam echo sounders were carried out on the "Parus" boat


Black sea, Gelendzhik, Blue Bay. Speed of the boat is 8 knots, sea level is 1 point. There is a sparse accumulation of fish in the pelagial and a dense accumulation closer to the bottom

Снимок экрана с работающим ПО ЭРЛ

Screenshot of a PC running the ERL software


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