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The development work ‘IMM-PIMK’

The development work ‘IMM-PIMK’ is a simulation and calculation module which is a part of a software simulation system developed by JSC Giprorybflot.

The module software includes two independent programs which make it possible to calculate and simulate parameters of fish-finding equipment (sonars and echosounders), such as:

  • programs of analytical calculations of the main parameters and actual range of sonar systems;
  • programs of simulating equipment operation including visualization of hydroacoustic data.

Combined utilization of these programs will allow experts dealing in development, operation or installation of fish-finding instruments aboard fishery vessels to perform:

  • preliminary estimation of capabilities of equipment produced both by domestic and foreign companies;
  • calculation of the main parameters of fish-finding instruments under development and optimization of these parameters;
  • functional сheck of performance characteristics of the equipment (before installation aboard a vessel) by simulating its operation under real fishing conditions.

These programs can be also used when studying special disciplines at maritime schools and institutions.

The program of analytical calculations provides estimation and graphical interpretation of actual sonar range depending on various combinations of equipment parameters, water environment and target strength of expected objects to be fished. While using this program, calculations are made according to the sonar equation with subsequent plotting on monitor screen the parameter values (chosen when initializing the program) against distance.

In the picture is given an example of calculation of the actual range of the fishing sonar for three values of acoustic vessel noise Pnoise (0,05; 0,025 and 0,01 Pa•kHz/Hz^0,5) suitable to standard conditions (F = 1 kHz, f = 1 Hz, non-directional reception).

The program of simulating fishing equipment operation allows to:

  • simulate operation of the fishing instrument under examination in real time in the particular fishing area;
  • simulate the main components of echoes (the most important for fishing instruments);
  • display the hydroacoustic data in the form which closely resembles data presentation on the colour indicators of the conventional fishing instruments;
  • simulate sound signals given by sound indication appliance (for sonars);
  • simulate controlling operational modes.

In the picture, one can see the monitor screen when simulating operation of the full-circle sonar in the mode of simultaneous presentation of echoes in both full-circle scan and in vertical scan which coincides with the direction of the audio channel sight.

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