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Computer-aided info system designed to assist in fishing vessel handling

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It is intended to solve tasks typical for navigators of medium and large sized fishing vessels when performing fishing operations, namely:

  • Providing navigation related information when performing aimed trawling and purse seining operations;
  • Monitoring the pre-emergency situations with warning alarms when operating fishing gears;
  • Maintaining safe navigation when operating in other vessels during trawl fishing or purse seining.

It allows a navigator to ease the situation comprehension by means of:

  • 3D presentation of underwater fishing situation displaying relative position of the vessel, fish and fishing gear (according to data from sonar, echo sounder and net sounder);
  • 3D visual presentation of the seabed in the fishing ground;
  • Information and logical analysis of catch data for defining hidden relations between factors affecting the catch size;
  • An electronic catch book.

This program is capable of obtaining information from all shipboard instruments, such as navigational instruments, fish-finding instruments and auxiliaries produced by domestic or foreign companies. A ship LAN is used for communication between marine electronic devices in NMEA-0183.

The ACS software consists of several independent software modules to solve the basic functional tasks.

  1. The module for producing recommendations to navigators on aimed fishing is designed to select the shooting start point and the trajectory of setting the seine net, guide the trawl onto moving and stationary shoals, warn the navigator about dangerous situations when using fishing gear. Below is given one of the ASC operation modes on aimed fishing.
  2. The module of visual presentation of the seabed surface and fishing situation (vessel, fishing gear, fish school to be fished) is designed for carrying out the following tasks:
    • 3D presentation of the pelagic or bottom trawl position in three planes;
    • 3D presentation of the fish school position detected by fish-finding instruments relative to the vessel in three planes;
    • 3D presentation of the seabed model.
  3. The module for maintaining safe navigation and safe passage of vessels when working in a group is designed for calculation and visualization of safety zones both around a single vessel and around a vessel with fishing gear.
  4. The modules for keeping an electronic fishing log, computer-aided processing and information analysis of fishing data are closely connected. Such interaction represents a new concept of solving a task on analysis of fishing data including:
    • automation of keeping a fishing log;
    • transmission of data on fishing vessel activity to shore through Inmarsat-C system;
    • definition of the main catching conditions to increase the catch;
    • definition of obvious and non-obvious relations between fishing conditions and catch value.
  5. The ECDIS module is designed to display electronic and fishing charts of the chosen area of navigation or chart background for 3D visual module and safety module. It is always available on the separate screen of the ACS control panel.

Thus, the offered ACS of FVM is a navigation and fishery system useful for fishing vessel navigators to solve key tasks in complete scope. At preliminary estimate, use of such system during fishing operations will provide really effective fishing and could increase catch up to 8-10 % and save fuel up to 10 %.

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