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Scientific sonar system based on a phase side-scanning sonar

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The Scientific Sonar System shown in figure below is intended for calculation of subsurface valuable species of fish (e.g. salmon) while performing trawl and acoustic surveys. The above system includes a phase side-scanning sonar developed by Tikhomirov Research Institute (Russia) and control and indication panel developed by Vector Marine Electronics, Ltd.

A phase side-scanning sonar is designed to generate the vertical narrow-beamed fan (128 beams of 1.4° in the vertical plane and of 6° in the horizontal plane).

A control and indication panel is designed to provide controlling the scientific sonar system, secondary processing of hydroacoustic signals and tertiary processing of detected fish coordinates taking into account navigational data, and also to display and store sonar information.

As a result of secondary and tertiary processing of hydroacoustic and navigational information by use of the Sonar System it is possible to obtain as follows:

  • quantity of single fish (which are in the viewing sector) detected at a ping;
  • quantity of single fish (which are in the viewing sector) detected on the vessel’s track chosen by the operator;
  • display of the sea navigation chart with a previously recorded track and actual vessel’s track;
  • display of single fish positions both in a plan and horizontal views and 3D presentation in the area set by the operator;
  • A-scope display and seabed echogram;
  • 3D imaging of the seabed;
  • storing the detected fish coordinates for further data post-processing.

In figure below is given an example of sounding underwater environment while calculating salmon by using a phase side-scanning sonar forming a beam fan.

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