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Vector Electronic Chart System ‘Monsys’

  The Monsys system as a partof the branch monitoring system ‘Rybolovstvo’ was designed for Kamchatka’s Monitoring Center (Russia) meeting the IMO Resolution А.817(19) requirements to shipborne chart systems and used as a viewing tool for monitoring tasks. Monsys is based on VectorNavigationSystem (VNS) chart system which passed type-approval certification by the Department of Maritime Transport of Russia.

  C-MAP electronic charts are used as initial chart databases. C-MAP compared to other companies offering their electronic charts worldwide has the largest collection of charts (about 16000.

  Vector system intended for monitoring fishing vessels can be used by all ship owners to maintain control over their ships. To start the system, Internet connection and an agreement with monitoring centers should be provided.


Схема информационных потоков. Data flow diagram

  Since usage of satellite communication channels is disbursed by the Russian State Fisheries Committee (fishing vessels monitoring), providing information for ship owners would be rather cost-effective compared to other monitoring systems e.g. Victoria system from Morsvyazsputnik (Russia).

  Monsys makes it possible to perform functions, such as detection, identification, tracking and displaying positions of ships on the chart, recording the positional data of ships, receiving the required information by accessing the monitoring data via Internet.

  Monsys is capable of solving a wide range of vital tasks:

  • monitoring the fleet, vessel movement and position control in any part of the World ocean to increase safety at sea;
  • monitoring the vessels engaged in research/or survey works or fishing operations in inland seas, territorial seas, economic zone, continental shelf of Russia, open part of the oceans and seas being within jurisdiction of other states;
  • periodic movement control of vessels operating in the area of responsibility including harbor entrance or leaving a zone with proper documentation (by use of daily ship’s reports, DSC, Inmarsat or ARGOS);
  • prediction of the vessel’s position between communication sessions and if no contact with a vessel;
  • real and fast-time playback of the vessel’s route on the chart according to the documented data.

  To implement all the above tasks, an advanced graphic interface was developed to acquire and display on-line help information on the electronic chart.

Электронная карта

Electronic chart

  Monsys operational functionality makes it possible to monitor the vessels approaching the restricted zones (such as national boundary, fish reserve areas, etc.) in real time mode producing automatic warnings to the monitoring center.  An appropriate alarm will alert automatically the operator of the Monitoring Center. Also, vessels intruded exclusion areas over the given period of time can be revealed.
Monsys allows the ship owner to possess analytic information on dislocation of fishing vessels engaged in fishing activities by use of ship daily reports.

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