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January, 2015

In the mid 2014 Vector company's management team initiated the development of the conceptual framework of the regional cluster focused on design and manufacture of scientific and fish-finding acoustic equipment capable to replace import products (headquartered in town of Taganrog). More in detail>>>

December - January, 2015



Beginning in 2011, Government of the Rostov region annually presents highly qualified specialists of enterprises and organizations with the "The Best Engineer of Don (Rostov region)" award for their engineering achievements, innovations and distinguished contributions to various fields of activities. This year, 11 persons were awarded. Among the winners was Alexander Dolgov, Director-General of Vector Marine Electronics, Ltd.

Awards were given at the public council meeting by the deputy governor  A.A. Grebenshchikov on the 15th of January, 2015. Below are given photos of the awarding ceremony.


December, 12, 2014



On the 11th of December, 2014 a scientific workshop dedicated to Vector’s R&D work results and development prospects was arranged in the OJSC Central Scientific Research Institute “Kurs”.


Three reports were delivered at the workshop.

  1. “Results of full-scale tests of the pre-production model of the sector-scan split-beam sonar designed for quantitative assessment of marine bioresourses in shallow waters”.
    Authors: Sergei V.Tretyakov, Maxim A.Raskita (Vector), S.M. Goncharov (VNIRO)
  2. “Concepts of formation of program used for testing and simulating marine bioresourses”.
    Authors: Alexander N.Dolgov, Maxim A.Raskita (Vector)
  3. “Concepts of setting up an innovative regional marine cluster to deal with design and manufacture of scientific and fish-finding acoustic equipment capable to replace import products  (headquartered in town of Taganrog)”
    Authors: Alexander N., Vladimir P.Degtyarev (Vector)
 More than 30 experts attended the seminar including CSRI “KURS”, VNIRO,  A.N.Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution (Russian academy of sciences), “Okeanpribor” corporation.

September October, 2014

For the first time in Russia, including the Soviet period, was created the scientific sonar system capable of carrying out fish stocks state assessments. This new and unique system makes it possible to lessen monopolistic market position of the Kongsberg Maritime company (Simrad, Norway) which dominated the market of such kind of equipment over the past three decades. At the end of 2014, Vector Marine Electronics Ltd. completed development of the prototype of a portable multibeam sector-view sonar (coded as Sector) designed for fish calculation in protected coastal fishing areas and in internal water bodies (there is no such scientific equipment abroad). It is the first step to replace foreign imports necessary for investigation of marine bioresources. At the final stage of the development works a series of model and full-scale underwater tests were conducted. More in detail>>>

May, 2012

Vector Marine Electronics Ltd. was in for a municipal competition "The best entrepreneur of city of Taganrog" and became a winner in the category "The best innovation enterprise"

April, 2012

Vector is re-certified for conformity to the international ISO 9001:2008 quality standards by Certification OY/AB, Finland (accredited by DNV).

September, 2012

Vector Marine Electronics, Ltd. participated in the IXth International Exhibition and Conference on Hydroaviation held in town of Gelendzhik (Russia).
XIIth International business forum on Don devoted to the 75th anniversary of Rostov region was held on September, 13-15 at the exhibition centre "VertolExpo".
In frame of the forum, the IXth interregional exhibition of innovations "High Technologies XXI" took place in which Vector took part. Exhibition visitors could be familiar
with presentations of Vector's advanced products and achievements in the field of innovative developments.

June, 2012

Dolgov Alexander Nikolaevich, director-chief designer of Vector Marine Electronics, Ltd, was rewarded for his significant contribution to progress, development and prosperity of the Russian Federation and included in the international encyclopedia Best people annually issued in the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan in which a complete overview on achievements of citizens of these countries is given.

April, 2012

On April, 17th, 2012, Vector Marine Electronics, Ltd. signed a contract on scientific and technical cooperation with The Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics FEB RAS (Far East branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences). The purpose of the contract is cooperation and joint business aimed at solving fundamental problems and applications related to development of geophysical monitoring systems in Sakhalin and Kuriles region.

April, 2012

On April, 13th, 2012, within the frames of the Federal Targeted Program Development of civil marine engineering (in 2009-2016) the Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation signed a state contract with Vector Marine Electronics, Ltd on development and production of a portable multi-beam sector sonar designed for fish calculation in closed areas of coastal fishing zones and in home waters (code-named as 'Sector').

Associate contractors:

  • The Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO);

February, 2012

5 new Certificates of State registration of computer software programs were appended to Section "Certificates and Patents". More>>>

November, 2011

5 new Certificates of State registration of computer software programs were appended to Section "Certificates and Patents". More>>>

On September, 21-23, 2011

Vector Marine Electronics Ltd. took part in the 6th Russian scientific conference "Ecology 2011 The Sea and the Man" held in Taganrog Technological Institute of SFedU in September, 21-23. A.N.Dolgov, Director-Chief designer, and M.A.Raskita, senior research assistant, made a report at the conference Sonar signal simulator designed for debugging research sonar equipment used for aquatic bioresourses monitoring. More>>>

On June, 29th - on July, 3rd, 2011

During the Vth International Naval Salon (on June, 29th-July, 3rd, 2011) 'Vector Marine Electronics',Ltd negotiated a contract with 'NPO Avrora' Scientific and Production Association, JSC (St.-Petersburg).

May, 2011

On the 18 to 20th of May, Vector took part in the II International Forum Sea industry of Russia related to development and improvement of shipbuilding, port infrastructure, navigation and implementation of new domestic and foreign technologies in production of marine equipment and building of ships of civil use.

March, 2011

Works on development of the professional FS-4000 Fishery Simulator integrated with the program "The training of deck-hands on board fishing vessels" were completed.

January, 2011

Certificate No.52499-2009-AQ-MCW-FINAS issued by DNV according to the ISO 9001:08 standards was confirmed on results of compliance audit.

December, 2009

In 2009, within the frame of research and development work in cooperation with the Federal Fisheries Agency of Russia Vector completed the "Software development designed for training in long-line fishing". The obtained results were implemented in the NFS-3000 Navigation and Fishery Simulation system.

December, 2009

At the end of the year, a research work of Alexander Dolgov, Vector's Director and Chief Designer, was published as a monography dedicated to results of the Vector's many years of experience in developing of marine simulation systems.

June, 2009

Vector has supplied a new software version of the NS-3000 class to the Far-East Navigation School (with additional training area "Peter the Great bay" included).

June, 2009

Vector has supplied additional six workstations of the NS-3000 (to earlier supplied six ones) to the Cherepovets branch of the Moscow State Academy of Water Transport.

June, 2009

Vector won a tender on delivery of the NS-3000 Navigation Simulation Class on a turnkey basis including 10 trainee workstations to YeyskFishing College.

June, 2009

Vector Marine Electronics, Ltd takes part in the Targeted Federal Program "Marine engineering" for 2009-2016 in line of "Development of navigation and fishing equipment and automated control systems designed for fishing vessels". Within the scope of these works, Vector will start working on "Development of Automated Motion Control of Fishing Vessels and Information Support for Skippers during fishing operations". Continuation of works is planned to be carried out in cooperation with Russian Fisheries Higher Colleges and 'Transas Marine' company (Navi-Fisher-3000).


'Vector Marine Electronics', Ltd maintains a quality management system which is certified by Certification OY/AB, Finland (accredited party of DNV) according to the ISO 9001:08 standards (Certificate No. 52499-2009-AQ-MCW-FINAS issued by DNV).

December, 2008

The 1st stage of the project "Development and realization of the municipal automated system of ecological monitoring of the environment in city of Taganrog" was completed. The project works were carried out in cooperation with the Taganrog Institute of Technologies of the SFU.

December, 2008

New training navigation areas were added in NS-3000 Navigation Simulation class including "The Island of Gotland" (Map 22112), "Port of Novorossiysk" (Map 35157), "Peter the Great Bay" (Map 62071).


In Rostov-on-Don, the VIIth International Business Forum on Don "Small business: innovations and development" took place in the VERTOLEXPO centre. Within the frame of the Forum, the IVth interregional exhibition "High-tech solutions of the XXIst century" was held. The exhibited products aroused much interest of Head of Southern Federal District administration and a large number of guests and experts. (On the photo from left to right: Alexander Dolgov, Vector director, G.A.Rapota, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Southern Federal District, V.F.Chub Governor of the Rostov region, V.V.Vakula, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Rostov region.


Awarding ceremony of winners and participants of the National Award of the RF CCI in business activity "Gold Mercury-2006" took place at the Moscow Trade Center. 'Vector Marine Electronics', Ltd. became the winner in the nomination "The best small innovative company". (On the photo, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Academician Evgeni Maksimovich Primakov presents an award to Mr.Dolgov).


The VII Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments was held In Moscow. 'Vector Marine Electronics', Ltd exhibited Panoramic Echosounder-Videoplotter highly appreciated by experts. This system was developed in cooperation with the Taganrog Radioengineering University. This product developed by Vector and Nelax JSC was awarded with a gold medal. (On the photograph: A.N.Dolgov, Vector Director and Chief Designer, S.P.Tarassov, Nelax director-general, A.A.Fursenko, Minister of Education and Science of Russia.

Vector Marine Electronics, Ltd